Blog de la fille d'un alien

Sonia Piotelat, 2016

The day which I was the most afraid to lost my girl

I am looking for my girls. I am always asking who have catch my girls. Why did they do that? They are just 5 years old they are not terrorists! No letter who ask me to give some money. Why did they do that? Their only fault could be to ask too much questions for Alkam and to play the princess too much for Emmy! So I drew something for Alkam and I let the drawing travel on space, maybe Alkam would find it.

I wanted to show her that I was terrible afraid for her so even if it is shocking I drew that : and then she answer that 
I find that so cute she wrote "safe" "sef".  After I asked her what does she was doing.

Her answer worried me it wasn't her, my Alkam girl is wild, she would never write me that so I tried to go to the planet where it came from.

But after I get another letter. 
My girl was in danger.