Blog de la fille d'un alien

Sonia Piotelat, 2016

Day 3

Today my children didn’t stop drawing, I asked Emmy what she were drawing, she said she was drawing her day with her father, I was worried about her drawings, maybe does she met a boy ?

No, she is too young to meet a boy, she is only 5 years old. It couldn't happen, it is absolutely not possible.

Should I ask her what is it? No she would be afraid! She would not talk me anymore.

The second drawing is twice as terrifying as the first one, who is this boy which she kisses? And what are these hands which push her to the boy?

The weirdest is Enzo's drawing,look at this, it looks like water or grass maybe fire, where dose he saw it with his dad? Why does he would show him that? I now that Enzo is a boy who likes action and adventure but a responsible father would never let him see that. He is only 5 years old !! He is just a baby. Did their father bring Emmy and Alkam to?

Maybe it is a punishment ? Not none of my children talk me about punishments, they talk me about candies and plays. I must talk to their father. But calm down, it is just drawings, my kids are so imaginative maybe it is just a dream world, and, is there father even real ? Maybe they wanted to have a dad and they created him, a superdad who bring them on fantastic places. After all, they never show me proofs of his existence.

I changed my mind when I saw Alkam's drawings, Alkam show me a booklet who explain her fathers' origins she could not draw that, and she don't know writing and reading, why does she draw her alone in a spaceship? A responsible father would be with her on that spaceship. And if he has no job, he could not buy a spaceship.