Blog de la fille d'un alien

Sonia Piotelat, 2016

Day 4

Sabrina stick their drawings on their rooms so I am asking what are that things I never bring them on that places, so I'll asking them about it. Their mom is working, I will awake them so when I was enter in Alkam's room there were no one in the bed, so I scream her name loudly. No one came so I ran in Enzo's room, it was exactly the same thing, and them I came to Emmy's room and no one again.
Then my sister called me, she said she was with Enzo, he was safe, she said she found him on his room, hidden under the bed, she said that he said that 15 men came to take Alkam and Emmy. 

Today a met a good men, he gave me a beautiful bedroom on a princess palace, I just fear that my dad come to scold me but the men told me that he was a prince, and that I was his princess. And no one can scold me. He gave me a ring and he told me:
- Princess Emmy would you like to marry me ? 
- Yes I want ! and for the weeding I want a cake. entirely made of candies i will draw you that :

- We will marry this afternoon!
- Yes I will marry a prince. 
- But warning little princess a wicked witch is on this palace and she must ignore that we marry this afternoon!
- OK my prince. 
- If someone ask you about what are you here you say that you are an orphan and the prince adopted you OK?
- Yes my prince!
- So I will check if all is ok with the weeding little princess!

- So guys you have to make a candy cake?
- and a sugar palace ?
- No thanks
My mother is a bitch, I will revenge, she never hug me when I was little, she just wanted a heir to have her buisness after her death, she is a psychopath, she dont like me, she thinks I am her clone.
- You are a pédophile men!
On the afternoon my prince came bring me to the Weeding. It was so beautiful and at the evening I was a real princess look at how I was dressed.