Blog de la fille d'un alien

Sonia Piotelat, 2016

Day 1

Hello I am Sabrina, I am 21 years old I am a mother of triplets. They are called Emmy, Enzo and Alkam. When I was pregnant, I was only 16, I wanted to leave my family. I wanted just one only child because my mother told me that if I was pregnant before my 18 years old, she would tell me to leave home and it was what I wanted. I wrote a book and it was succesful. I won millions $. With this money, I raised my children.
But they are full of weird things with them. They are so particular.
Maybe because of there father I don't know him because I was drunk and I took some drugs cause' I feared to feel pain.
When my children drew him it looks like it:
So I decided to draw him with my children. They told me what to draw and i drew that:

They never drew me and there dad together, I don't know why and I have never seen there dad. I am asking when they see him and asked them about it. They have answered that there dad won't be with me because he doesn't know me.