Blog de la fille d'un alien

Sonia Piotelat, 2016

On the space

When I found the school, my daughter wasn’t here. I saw the little girl who send me drawings. She was called Nathalie, she was six years old. She said that I was her dad but the only women wich I have ever date was Sabrina: my children s' mother.
  • Daddy, remember, you adopted me!
I don't remember that! But I was ready to adopt a girl.
  • Daddy, you adopted me and my sister Alkam you have got 2 others children.
What? Alkam wasn't my daughter but I remember when my wife gave birth to my children!
  • Where is mommy ?
  • On Earth honey, but I lost Alkam do you know where is she?
  • She is in a little spaceship, she is sleeping, she is exploring the universe I can tell her to come here!
  • How did you know that
  • Because she is my clone, she is made to serve me I knows everything she do! And I can call her just with mu mind! She leave because I called her.
Tree days later, Alkam was here . I huge her, she was all what I needed. 
  • Why did you run away from me ?! Says Natalie
  • Because I don't have to obey to you !
  • You are made for it. My mom has spend so much money to have someone who obey me !
  • I will found the money! how much did she pay ?
  • Like 100$.
  • Ok I will find the money.
And then she left in her spaceship. She just have 5 years old! How did she learnt to pilot a spaceship? So I follow her and when I found her I took her on my arms. And she said :
  • I must find the money to be free !
  • No! You are just a little girl you can't travel in space!
  • No daddy no!
I took her by force she was screaming. She struggle. I put her in my spaceship to my sister.
  • Dad! I have to find the money.
  • No you won't find any dollar! You will be her servant! She is your sister, I want you to be safe so promise me to be a good girl with your aunt.
  • No I want to be free !I hate you dad!
She was angry, I couldn't see her like that so I told her:
  • I will find the money for you!