Blog de la fille d'un alien

Sonia Piotelat, 2016

Day 2

This is a drawing from my children, they are so cute, there mum is a human, I like her but don't love her, I know it looks weird but I can't control my feelings to her.
The pink girl is Emmy. She is sweet and kind and she also looks like her mother, Alkam is the blue girl, she is clever and independent but she sometimes forgets that she is only 5 years old. Enzo is my only boy, he is hyperactive and funny, I love them.

Today Alkam asked me a question :

  • Daddy where do you from?

I don't now how to answer to that question.
  • From far far away on the sky.
  • I don't trust you, you lie!

I have just forgot that she is too clever to trust me. So I wrote a booklet to explain her.
I was born in a space station from Andromeda galaxy.

I failed my school exams so i couldn't have a job.